American Grating LLC

American Grating LLC in short: manufactures Molded, Pultruded and Phenolic fiberglass grating for industrial use

American Grating LLC

American Grating’s head office is located in Los Angeles, California with stocking warehouses in California, Michigan, Pittsburgh and Texas. Stocking distributors are located throughout the country. American Grating manufactures Molded, Pultruded and Phenolic fiberglass grating for industrial use. They have been a member of the FGMC (Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers’ Council, subsidiary of the Society of the Plastics Industry, U.S.A.) since its inception. The purpose of the council is to establish an international standard for molded and pultruded grating products. In 1999 they achieved ISO 9002 certification and in 2000 they achieved ISO 9001 certification which provides international guidelines on quality management and quality system elements. ISO 9001 is a quality assurance model that is used by companies that produce, inspect, test, install and service items. American Grating’s FRP products are independently tested by outside agencies according to the testing methods set forth by the FGMC, resulting in first class deflection tables. Their grating is currently stronger than ever with the introduction of the world’s only High Strength Molded Grating. Product quality and prompt service to their clients worldwide has allowed them to become industry leaders in innovation and reputation. American Grating FRP products meet fire testing standards (ASTM E-84). Their current customers include automobile manufacturers, circuit board manufacturers, food processors, aerospace manufacturers, and many more.

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We are located in Henderson, USA, America(North)

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