Allard Europe in short: produce as well iron as casted steel

Allard Europe

Allard-Europe is a foundry built for jobbing work, prototypes and single pieces, and for small to large series. Allard-Europe produce as well iron as casted steel, within a range from a few grams up to 19 MT in steel and 22 MT in iron.The materials range from unalloyed to highly alloyed qualities. The foundry produces on the demand of our customers more then 100 different materials to the client’s specifications or to the national standards Or infrastructure is built for the fabrication of small series and weights from several MT. The foundry has its own pattern shop, cleaning shop and machining shop. The cleaning shop has several furnaces for the heat-treatment of the castings and all the necessary machinery to perform a thorough cleaning job. Allard-Europe machining shop has several machines, mostly specialised for the machining of the heavier and larger castings

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We are located in Turnhout, EUROPE, Europe(North)

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