Alco Valves Group

Alco Valves Group in short: manufacturers of double block and bleed, ball and control valves

Alco Valves Group

The Alco Valves Group, "Alco", manufacture a complete range of high-pressure valves for instrumentation, pipeline and Sub Sea applications. These products have been rigorously tested, approved and supplied to most of the world’s largest onshore, offshore and sub sea companies, these approvals are backed by a long history of ISO 9001, Achilles and 1st Point certification accreditation among others. Since the Group’s beginnings during the UK’s North Sea oil boom years during the late 1970’s, Alco has held an enviable Worldwide reputation for high quality and ongoing client and industry driven product development which have acted as cornerstones in the company’s success to date. In line with Alco’s commitment to customer service, project and user support, which is of paramount importance in today’s global marketplace.

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We are located in Brighouse, UK, Europe(North)

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