Wood Group Pressure Control

Wood Group Pressure Control in short: equipment from BOP stacks, gate valves and casing to wellheads

Wood Group Pressure Control

Wood Group Pressure Control was formed through the acquisition of complementary companies that manufacture and remanufacture equipment which controls pressure when drilling for oil or gas. These former companies include ERC Industries, Barton Valve Company, Seaboard Lloyd Ltd., Church Oil Tools Inc. And Bompet CA. Now under one roof, Wood Pressure Control provides equipment from BOP Stacks and Drilling Manifolds to Wellheads, Gate Valves and Chokes. Wood Pressure Control manufactures equipment for many "niche" applications such as Wood Clamplok Connectors in both API and ANSI sizes and pressure classes as well as a full line of API 6D Gate Valves and accessories. Wood Pressure Control is beginning to delve into the subsea arena with the development of the large bore, Subsea Check Valve fitted with ROV interface for operation by a remotely operated vehicle. Wood Pressure Control is a dynamic and growing service company with over 30 sales/service centers around the world. It is our goal to be better than the rest … to provide quality products and services that meet or exceed customer and industry requirements.

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