Welltec Well Technologies

Welltec Well Technologies in short: intervention tools into horizontal and deviated wells.

Welltec Well Technologies

Well Tractor® is a unique tool that conveys intervention tools into horizontal and deviated wells. Well Tractor® is an established technology, which is causing oil companies to change their well intervention techniques around the globe. Well Tractor® is the only tool of its kind commercially available on the market today. We are the only company in the world offering a Well Tractor® that can perforate, production log, run in open hole and also run on coiled tubing. Well Tractor® is now a standard part of oil & gas companies’ portfolio of tools and allows operators to pursue extended reach drilling opportunities while retaining the flexibility of sequential zonal management. Welltec’s powerful Well Tractor® is a reliable and extremely fast alternative to the standard pipe or coiled tubing conveyed operations. Well Tractor® is cost-efficient because of its short rig up time, down hole speed and easy handling. Well Tractor® operates in live oil and gas producing wells under extreme hostile down hole conditions with high temperature and high well pressure.

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We are located in Alleroed, DENMARK, Europe(North)


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