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Tungum Limited in short: tubing and pipework systems supplier

Tungum Limited

Tungum Alloy (Aluminium, Nickel, Silicon and Brass) combines an unusually high strength to weight ratio, with ductility, excellent corrosion resistance and first class fatigue properties. Highly resistant to sea water and its atmosphere, Tungum resists both stress and crevice corrosion to offer outstanding serviceability, even at intermittent duty in the highly corrosive "splash" zone. Non-magnetic and non-sparking properties make Tungum invaluable in piping high pressure gases, particularly oxygen where its thermal conductivity/defusivity characteristics virtually eliminate the potential dangers present when lesser materials are employed. Tungum are the complete tubing and pipework systems supplier. Tungum Alloy manufacture components and bend tube to construct a vast range of products, supplying to a wide range of industry sectors. Tungum Alloy supply anything from simple straight tube and fittings, through to kits of pipe assemblies. Tungum Alloy also offer assistance in designing the build and installation of pipework systems.

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We are located in Tewkesbury, UK, Europe(North)


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