Tobul Accumulator, Inc.

Tobul Accumulator, Inc. in short: larger and higher pressure accumulators.’

Tobul Accumulator, Inc.

Tobul Accumulator was established in 1980 with the purchase of the accumulator division from Hale Fire Pump Company. Known as Hale Accumulator, the basic accumulator design had been in service since the late 1950’s. Tremendous evolution of the product line has taken place to incorporate the new technology available in materials, and to accommodate market demand for larger and higher pressure accumulators. Tobul produces a wide variety of standard accumulators, both piston and bladder types, ranging in sizes from 4 cubic inches to 200 gallons, with operating pressures up to 20,000 psi. In response to the needs of our customers, Tobul is committed to having a wide variety of these standard accumulators available for immediate shipment. Many customers routinely rely on us for 3,000 psi accumulators up to 5 gallon size, and smaller accumulators with 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi pressure ratings, to be shipped within one day of order placement. Standard accessories such as mounting brackets, charging assemblies, rupture disc assemblies, and replacement seals are also available from stock. Tobul Accumulator inventory of immediately available product is continually expanding as needed to meet the needs of our customers. What really distinguishes Tobul is our ability to produce custom accumulators to meet specific customer needs. A highly trained sales department to provide application, sizing and selection assistance, and a streamlined design-to-manufacture process enable us to deliver a custom product in a cost effective manner, in a very short time frame. Taking the time to evaluate each customer’s unique requirements enables us to provide the best solution for the application. In accepting a customer’s order, Tobul Accumulator are committed to ensuring that all of their requirements have been adhered to as we produce and deliver that order. As minimum design safety considerations, accumulators that we produce meet the safety requirements of ASME Section VIII pressure vessel code, whether or not the accumulators are code stamped. Pressure vessel certifications for many countries are available. With product quality, consistency and safety, adherence to promised delivery dates, quick availability of product and a responsiveness to ever – changing marketplace demands, we are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of each customer. Tobul Accumulator promise to our customers is that we will faithfully adhere to the commitments made to our customers and continue to earn the trust and confidence placed in Tobul Accumulator Inc.

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We are located in Bamberg, USA, America(North)

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