TMT Labs in short: cable and rope testing and analysis

TMT Labs

TMT staff members have been involved in cable and rope testing and analysis since 1964. TMT Labs has been in existence since 1976. TMT is involved in the development and optimization of ropes, cables, and terminations. The ropes or cables can have steel or synthetic fiber strength members. The cables can be electrical, optical, or electro-optical. Our extensive experience in testing, failure mode identification, and design analysis provides us with the knowledge to assist you in making your cable (rope), termination, and or handling equipment design better. TMT Labs has developed and sells cable design software called CABLE SOLVER ®. Cable Solver® 1 is used for the analysis of cables having metallic wire strength members. Cable Solver® 2 is used to analyze cables having nonmetallic fiber strength members. These programs were developed in conjunction with extensive laboratory testing of many diverse cable designs.

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We are located in Huntington Beach, USA, America(North)

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