Blue Dolphin Energy Company

Blue Dolphin Energy is an intergrated company involved in the up-stream as well as the mid-stream part of the oil and gas industry. Blue Dolphin Energy subsidiary Blue Dolphin Petroleum has several exploratory blocks in the GoM as well as one producing property. Furthermore, Blue Dolphin Energy owns interests in two active pipelines and one inactive pipeline.

Alliance Engineering

Alliance Wood Group Engineering, LP was founded in 1993 to serve a wide range of needs in the energy industry. Since the beginning, Alliance has been at the forefront, helping customers develop and transport their oil and gas resources safely, efficiently and profitably.Alliance has been responsible for an impressive portfolio of projects, including some of the largest and most visible projects in the world, offshore and on. With our staff of over 300 engineers and support personnel, we provide engineering, procurement and construction management services for a wide range of facilities. From initial evaluation and project planning through first production and ongoing maintenance, Alliance develops innovative solutions that enable our customers to meet their business goals. In January 2000, Alliance was acquired by Wood Group, a leading energy services company based in Aberdeen, Scotland. This has enabled Alliance Engineering to expand their international capabilities, as well as enhance Wood Group’s presence in the Gulf of Mexico thereby providing the same quality services throughout the world wherever the need exists


Palisade Corporation is committed to developing the world’s most robust, innovative, and comprehensive risk, decision, and data analysis software and training services.Palisade’s first decision analysis programme was called PRISM. PRISM gave desktop computer users, for the first time ever, the ability to quantify risk by running Monte Carlo simulations, a number-crunching exercise previously only available on mainframes. It was soon succeeded by @RISK, which added Monte Carlo simulation to spreadsheets. @RISK quickly became the company’s flagship product and the world’s leading risk analysis tool. Building on the success of @RISK, Palisade has developed other programmes to meet the growing professional demand for technically refined decision analysis tools.