Sonardyne Inc.

Sonardyne Inc. in short: manufacturing of subsea survey and positioning instrumentation

Sonardyne Inc.

Established in 1971, Sonardyne is an international group of companies manufacturing subsea instrumentation. We specialise in the use of sound for underwater navigation, positioning, data communication and control. Applications for our technology are found within the offshore oil exploration, construction, drilling and oceanographic industries. In many of these areas, the products we have developed and the techniques we have pioneered have become the de facto standard. Sonardyne’s manufacturing facility is in the UK with regional companies strategically located around the world. We provide customers with the highest levels of service that are required to support field operations in remote and often hostile locations. This investment, together with our excellence in product engineering, has led to sustained company growth and a dedication to customer support.

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)

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