Propak Systems Ltd.

Propak Systems Ltd. in short: Engineering/Process Development Technology Field Construction, Commissioning and Start Up

Propak Systems Ltd.

Propak has provided "in-house" services to the energy processing industry in the following areas: I. Engineering/Process Development Technology II. Shop Fabrication/Modularization III. Field Construction, Commissioning and Start Up I. Engineering/Process Development Technology Propak provides a complete and detailed engineering service to the oil and gas processing industry. This includes civil, mechanical, electrical and process engineering on an individual basis or in combination. Propak has developed a strong computer based technology centre. An in-house Personal Computer Network is used both for process development as well as project cost retrieval and accounting needs. All process design is done on programs developed by Propak in conjunction with the most up-to-date research assistance. Propak has demonstrated superior capability in areas of mixed refrigeration to cryogenic temperatures, selective absorption amine systems, as well as other areas of general gas processing. Propak’s capabilities also include plant process simulation, debottlenecking studies and performance tests.

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We are located in Airdrie, CANADA, America(North)

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