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The oil and gas companies are explorers, producers, manufacturers, suppliers and offshore contractors involved in the oil, gas and petroleum supply chain, from early exploration, seismic surveys by geophysical companies to well drilling companies, subsea engineering companies, manufacturing, fabrication and testing yards and products and equipments suppliers.

We work hard every day to enhance and facilitate subsea experience transfer, business intelligence, integrated operations, cooperation and innovation between companies in our industry.


The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory has been the leading upstream industry open information exchange, oil and gas jobs provider and marketplace on the Internet for 20 years. The web site has always and continue to be free to use for anyone searching for or providing relevant industry information. Contact us to include your company information or update existing listings. Also let us know if there are special industry related technology information you would like to see on the web site.

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The company directory gives you detailed company profiles of the subsea suppliers listed. You can find services and product categories, contact details with link to the company web site. Information about the subsea products with products specification where available.

The oil and gas companies are categorized by subsea equipment, available jobs, products and services in order for you to easy locate manufacturers or suppliers and compare products and services.

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The Subsea Oil Jobs and Careers section on our website is where candidates for offshore drilling, engineering, management and other positions could find new oil and gas jobs, offshore careers and where recruiters easily can find their new staff member using the best jobs search engine. There are many “how to guides” to help you find a relevant job and career path, both for experienced professionals and for people looking for entry level jobs.

The Underwater Niche of the Oil and Gas Industry

The subsea oil and gas industry is changing once again, and so do we. The last change was from large budget field developments in the North Sea shallow waters, the trend was towards marginal field development, smaller tie backs to already developed fields, and deepwater challenges offshore Africa, GoM and Brasil.

In the beginning of the century, the industry was faced with the deepwater challenges of what was called the “last frontiers” on this planet. Developing subsea prospects in water depths up to 3,000 m required outstanding engineering skills, equipment qualification and extreme focus on reliability.

The world markets for the offshore industry was also changing, the need to operate in developing countries like in West of Africa was essential for long-term success in the oil and gas business. The successful oil and gas companies and suppliers was forced to relocate from the home base and the nearest field development to get their share of the billions of US$ being invested in deepwater projects and life of field investments every year.

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What is Next for the Subsea Industry?

The subsea future is now trending towards digitilization, digital marketing, online business intelligence, experience transfer and integrated operations. We can now move back from the frontiers and operate using the high speed web and internet of things. The next big step is to apply Artificial Intelligence using machine learning and data science to improve engineering and manufacturing performance, increase quality with sustainable and environmental friendly behaviour and at the same time reduce cost. Many new subsea companies and jobs will be created.

The subsea industry future is also the transition from oil and gas to renewable such as floating offshore wind mooring, taking with us the experience developed over 25 years. Subsea ammonia and hydrogen storage and production may not be as far ahead as we might think. Find more information Offshore Wind Design technology services and products such as suction anchors, buckets and clump weights and gravity anchors here. Offshore Wind Design also offer engineering and design of fishing friendly wind farms.

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