Petrobolt AB in short: Petrobolt’s mission is to achieve safe Bolting in offshore environments

Petrobolt AB

Petrobolt’s mission is to achieve safe Bolting in offshore environments. We work with a limited range of products with excellent features for generating and maintaining preload. Our concept is based on total function which involves both products and how they are handled and installed. For proper function of a bolted joint, it is vital that the fitting is made by personnel who knows how to install the equipment they use and why the installed product works as intended. The Petrobolt way of working therefore includes • Supplying products with features to achieve safe bolting • Providing training to personnel for accurate use of these products. • Providing tooling and systems to facilitate easy and safe use of products. • To make sure that all products (bolts, studs, lubrication)are of sufficient quality to meet the demands of the application

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We are located in Kungsbacka, Sweden, Europe(North)

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