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Offshore Design Engineering ODE in short: ode was established in 1978 as the design wing of a major fabricator to the Oil and Gas Industry. The company has grown and developed over the years and now provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, procurement, project management and operations support services to the International Oil, Gas and Renewable /Wind Energy Industries. Competing in a highly competitive market, ode has established some unique qualities as an engineering consultant and design contractor that set us apart from others. Firstly, we are independent of the major fabricators and equipment suppliers, and therefore we are able to provide unbiased designs, free from specific product or service influence. Secondly, and of key importance, is our construction and operations management experience which brings an invaluable influence to the very early stages of concept evaluation and subsequent front end design activities. Our two shareholders Saipem and DORIS Engineering bring gravitas and longevity and a knowledge that “the job shall get done”. Developed relationships with associated sister companies such as Snamprogetti and Sonsub bring extensive additional spheres of expertise and experience

Offshore Design Engineering ODE


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We are located in Great Yarmouth, UK, Europe(North)

consulting, engineering, procurement, project management and operations support services

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