Mitsui Babcock

Mitsui Babcock in short: engineering, implementation and specialist services to the oil and gas sector, upstream and downstream

Mitsui Babcock

Mitsui Babcock is a multi-specialist energy services company operating in the thermal power, nuclear, petrochemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries. Mitsui Babcock is also a leading international steam generation OEM and supplier of the cleanest, most efficient coal powered technology in the world. We provide innovative technology that supports and enhances the service life of energy assets across the globe. We have universally recognised expertise in each of our key areas of activity. For over a century our people have been adding bottom line value for our customers. We develop cutting edge technologies to improve plant performance, reduce emissions and ensure safe and efficient plant operation. Today Mitsui Babcock can claim an unequalled track record of successfully completed projects with more than 150,000 MWe installed capacity worldwide. In the past two years alone we have installed over 23,000 MWe of supercritical technology

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We are located in Renfrew, UK, Europe(North)

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