L. B. Bentley Limited

L. B. Bentley Limited in short: engineering and manufacturer of subsea gate valves

L. B. Bentley Limited

The Bentley ½" and 1" Subsea Gate Valve range complies fully with API 6A and 17D, offering smaller bore sizes than the existing API range. The compact yet robust design makes these valves ideal for use in restricted areas, enabling optimum equipment design on subsea Christmas trees, manifolds, pump and pipeline equipment. Applications include: chemical injection, annulus wing valves, test lines, pressure/temp transducer isolation. Bentley valves are metal-to-metal sealing throughout and exhibit all the features found in larger gate valves. This makes them ideally suited for operation on dirt laden fluids, where other valve types can be vulnerable.

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We are located in Gloucestershire, UK, Europe(North)


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