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Imtech Marine & Offshore in short: complete solutions, from innovation to installation, to testing and commissioning

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Imtech Marine & Offshore world is as turbulent as the ocean; developments abound at a rapid pace. The standards for high quality are steadily rising. The market requires cost efficient, effective, safe and sustainable solutions. Imtech Marine & Offshore offers precisely that with its innovative, high-quality technology for vessels and platforms. These solutions, which meet todays high market standards, offer the client a measurable added value. Technology is not generally the foremost concern for ship owners, shipyards and luxury yacht owners, in their business. It is precisely for this reason that they often need a partner whose core business is technology; a company with insight, knowledge and many years of experience, which can design, integrate and maintain high technology systems; an organisation that takes responsibility for the performance of this technology during the entire life cycle; a business whose employees fully understand the advanced technological systems and how they interoperate. Imtech can deliver complete solutions, from innovation to installation, to testing and commissioning: also in the fields of automation, electrical engineering, instrumentation and HVAC. Depending on the client’s needs we can offer tailored systems or standardised systems which may sometimes be enhanced with our own innovations. We work globally and are very active in the entire maritime market; with experience ranging from passenger-, commercial-, naval ships, luxury yachts, river vessels to dredging vessels, workboats, and offshore production & utility platforms. Imtech Marine & Offshore is very proud of its 150 years of rich history. During these years our company and reputation have grown considerably, primarily targeting the innovative maritime activities. We have become a stronger player in the German maritime market thanks to the acquisition of HDW-Hagenuk Schiffstechnik GmbH (HST), and our dominant position as a supplier of merchant vessels to the Chinese shipbuilding industry has also strengthened.

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We are located in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS, Europe(North)

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