Hempel Group

Hempel Group in short: manufacturers and suppliers of paint and coating

Hempel Group

The Hempel Group of companies was established in 1915 by Mr J C Hempel with the motto of "Quality and Service", which is still the hallmark of the Hempel Group. Over the years both content and meaning have been adjusted to meet changing market demands. Hempel operates within several strategic segments. These include marine paints, protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints and yacht paints. The first Hempel factory started production in 1915 in Denmark. The Group has since grown to become a world-wide enterprise comprising five research and development facilities, 24 manufacturing plants, 53 sales offices and 150 stock points strategically located on all five continents. In short, wherever you are, Hempel is always nearby, ensuring prompt delivery of freshly produced quality coatings supported by HEMPEL’s world-renowned service.

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We are located in Lyngby, DENMARK, Europe(North)


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