Heimdal by Equinor

The Heimdal Gas Center, on Production License (PL) 036, is a hub for the processing and distribution of gas. It consists of an integrated steel platform, and a new riser platform. Gas from Heimdal is processed together with gas from the Huldra and Vale fields. In addition, Heimdal receives gas from the Oseberg Field Center through the Oseberg Gas Transport system (OGT). Periodically, reverse gas flow from the Statpipe pipeline goes to Heimdal and on to Vesterled. Heimdal is also equipped to export gas as pressure support to produce oil on the Grane field, after it started operating on October 1, 2003. The total maximum rate of processed gas on Heimdal is comparable to some 15-20 percent of Norway’s total gas export. Satellitte fields A new gas/condensate field on PL036 and connected to Heimdal is Vale. The field is developed as a satellite with a sea floor template tied into a riser platform on Heimdal. Vale started production in May 2002. Since the first quarter 2004, the Byggve and Skirne fields also delivers gas to Heimdal. They are two smaller gas fields that lie 16 and 24 kilometers east, respectively, of Heimdal. They are connected as satellites via wells on the sea floor. Transport Gas from the Oseberg Gas Transport system (OGT) will, together with gas from Huldra, Heimdal and Vale, be divided between the Statpipe and Vesterled pipelines, and sent on, respectively, to the European continent and the UK. Condensate from processed gas on Heimdal will be sent by pipeline to the Brae platform in the UK sector. It will go from there to the Forties Pipeline System, and further on to land facilities in the UK.

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