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H Butting GMBH & CO KG in short: Eucalyptus as raw material for pulp extraction – First overseas assembly order for BUTTING

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One of the country’s biggest pulp mills is being developed nearby the city of Fray Bentos at the Uruguay River which is the border river between Uruguay and Argentina. The Finnish Metsä-Botnia group is in charge of the pulp mill’s construction This international major project is setting new standards in many respects. With a volume of more than one billion Dollars it is not only the biggest industrial investment in Uruguay’s history, but also a new challenge for BUTTING. Moreover, with project completion the entire production chain will be served for the first time by the Botnia group, from the finishing of cultured timber through to the final product. Following numerous sites in Europe such as in Estonia, Spain and Slovakia the construction of the site in Uruguay is the first global overseas project where BUTTING is not only entrusted with the pipe production and delivery but also with on site assembly

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