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GSM, Inc.

GSM is an internationally recognized firm of registered consulting petroleum engineers, and is quite possibly the oldest operationally oriented consulting firm in the U.S. Since its organization in 1976, GSM has amassed experience in oil fields throughout the world. GSM provides on-site consulting services during drilling and completion operations and engineering and management in pressure control and relief well operations. Although best known for its reputation in deep drilling and completion practices, wild well control, and oil & gas well firefighting, GSM has expanded its services to include reservoir engineering, geological evaluations, environmental assessments, expert witness testimony, project feasibility research, and design and permitting of injection/disposal wells. In training, GSM was among the first to offer seminars worldwide in all areas of drilling technology. GSM is the oldest internationally recognized firm of registered consulting Petroleum Engineers specializing in field operations.The multi-faceted services offered by GSM encompass all phases of petroleum engineering and consulting, which includes increasing opportunities and expertise in many unique projects. GSM has been involved in special projects at the request of governmental agencies as well as private industry.

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