Gilmore Valve Co.

Gilmore Valve Co. in short: warehouse, machine shop, assembly and testwith a number of CNC machines

Gilmore Valve Co.

Gilmore Valve Co. is located on the west side of Houston in a modern manufacturing facility. The complex resides on five acres and consists of warehouse, machine shop, assembly and test, and office facilities of approximately 40,000 square feet. The shop is equipped with a number of CNC machines, a complete lapping facility and various other machine tools required for precision work with alloy materials. Syteline MRP, a computer aided manufacturing system, is employed to insure compliance with both quality and productivity requirements. Traceability of materials to various degrees, in response to specific needs, can be provided when requested during the quotation process. GVC holds parts and assemblies in inventory to insure on-time delivery to its customers. Machine shop personnel have high levels of experience and commitment to excellence. All are constantly and consistently trained and encouraged to enhance and improve their skills in production of high precision parts and assemblies. Quality assurance is guaranteed by 100% piece part inspection. Engineering is supported by a computer aided design system, Pro-E (Pro-Engineer), a computer aided stress analysis system, Pro-Mechanica, and a newly refurbished and modernized test area. This enables our engineering staff to follow up rigorous design work with a thorough test program to ensure successful component operation in the field. A professional marketing and sales staff are always available to assist customers in obtaining products as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This group functions using a number of sales outlets, including direct sales, distribution, resellers, agents and a group of original equipment manufacturers who rely on Gilmore as a component supplier for their systems. The office area comprises 14,000 square feet and recently was completely modernized. All functions from accounting to inventory control are handled through a central computer system, with access through terminals both in the office and in the shop area. Communications are handled through an integrated phone system and several separate fax lines, to facilitate timely response. Gilmore has easy access to shipping by common motor carrier, sea and air transport, due to the proximity of the two major airports, serving both the national and international markets, the Port of Houston, and the major interstate highway network connecting it with the rest of the country. Clearly, Gilmore Valve Co. is a modern manufacturing facility capable of taking a product from concept to marketplace. We look forward to applying this expertise to your needs.

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)

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