GAT Gesellschaft fur ANTRIEBSTECHNIK MBH in short: High-performance rotary unions and electrical slip rings for customer specific applications


The company GAT- Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik mbH is an internationally oriented technology company, which offers great competence and reliability with over 25 years of experience in the drive system technology industry. A team of 50 employees develops, produces, and markets rotary unions, test rig components, electrical slip rings, systems for internal minimal quantity lubrication, and air bearing precision spindles. Technically sophisticated products are not available off the shelve. Therefore, the application consultancy is always an important part of the sales process for our products. A team of qualified advising engineers and product specialists is always available to find a competent and quick resolution to our customers’ problems. The most important thing for us in this respect is to precisely understand the specific requirements of our customers, so we can offer an individually tailored solution. Due to their extensive experience, our advisors not only have a feeling for the technically feasible, but also have a wide variety of experience of the relevant requirements for various branches of industry. We enjoy the trust of customers from engineering companies, plant construction, automobile manufactures, energy and aircraft industries, and many other branches of industry worldwide. With the goal of offering innovative and convincing products, we are always working on continuous development of our proven technologies and on testing interesting new systems. We are constantly on the search for new materials and technologies that make our products better. In order to meet the demands of increasingly shorter product development cycles, we use the most modern 2D, and 3D CAD and FEA software. In this way, we are already able to simulate different events on the computer, that otherwise would only be visible during the prototype testing. This saves us valuable development time, so that we can deliver new products to our customers faster. With modern machinery and transparent process control, we can attain the shortest throughput times. Our drive for continual improvement is naturally also apparent in the permanent adaptation and optimization of our manufacturing processes. Due to the expert mastery of their tooling machines, our manufacturing specialists attain reproducible quality that is unmatched. From the receipt of the raw materials to the release of the final product, our entire production process is subject to the strictest quality controls. For example, when measuring the individual components, a variety of electronic precision measuring instruments are used. Every delivered product was tested on modern, computer-controlled test benches under practical conditions, in order to guarantee the quality and operational reliability of the product. After all, in the end, quality is the deciding factor

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We are located in Wiesbaden, Germany, Europe(North)

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