Fugro in short: geophysical seismic services, survey and positioning consultancy


Fugro collects, processes and interprets data related to the surface and subsurface of the earth, the seabed and the man made structures built upon it. The Fugro data is collected at sea, along the coast, on land and from the air. In addition Fugro provides additional specialist services. The Fugro activities are divided into geotechnical and surveying services.The Fugro geotechnical services include the sampling and testing of soils and materials on amongst others carrying-capacity and the provision of advice based on the results. The Fugro surveying activities include the determination of the geology, the recording of the surface of the earth and precise positioning.

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We are located in Leidschendam, NETHERLANDS, Europe(North)


Fugro Products

  • Wavescan Buoy Products
    Wavescan Buoy products from Fugro Deep-Water Measurements Wavescan Buoy A metocean data collection buoy that provides wave height and direction, sea surface ...
  • Surveillance Camera Systems Products
    Surveillance Camera Systems products from Fugro Modular Design Surveillance Camera Systems Having gained experience from the demanding Offshore Industry, we cover all ...
  • Oceanor Seawatch Mini Ii Buoy Products
    Oceanor Seawatch Mini Ii Buoy products from Fugro Economical And Flexible Buoy Oceanor Seawatch Mini Ii Buoy The hull of the ...
  • Seawatch Buoy Products
    Seawatch Buoy products from Fugro Measuring Wave Height And Direction Seawatch Buoy A multi-sensor data buoy capable of measuring wave height and ...

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