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Floatex Separations Ltd in short: classification technology

Floatex Separations Ltd

Floatex have served the mineral process industry since 1946 and are world leaders in classification technology having built a reputation for quality and reliability. Floatex designed and installed the majority of the industrial silica sand process plant within the UK and many of the major installations in Europe. Floatex reputation for producing high quality process equipment for silica sand has resulted in orders from customers around the world, in an industry where contamination by misplaced particles is measured by grain counts and chemical contamination by parts per million. Floatex have installed classification and concentration systems for many of the international beach sand and iron ore producers. Increasing yield and, reducing installation and operating costs. The range of equipment extends from screening and pumping installations, through a variety of separation, classification, and high surface treatment machines, to dewatering, storage of finished products.

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We are located in Daventry, UK, Europe(North)


Floatex Separations Ltd Products

  • Floatex Density Separator Products
    Floatex Density Separator products from Floatex Separations Ltd Metallurgical And Construction Sand Industries Floatex Density Separator The Floatex Density Separator has been ...
  • Floatex Rotary Screen Products
    Floatex Rotary Screen products from Floatex Separations Ltd Wet Screening Of Difficult Materials Floatex Rotary Screen The Floatex Rotary Screen has been ...
  • The Floatex Cyclone Products
    The Floatex Cyclone products from Floatex Separations Ltd Configuration The Correct Performance Characteristics The Floatex Cyclone Floatex have manufactured cyclones since 1965, ...
  • Floatex ‘D’ Screen Products
    Floatex ‘D’ Screen products from Floatex Separations Ltd Removal Of Trash From A Process Stream Floatex ‘D’ Screen The Floatex ‘D’ Screen ...

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