Expo Technologies, Inc.

Expo Technologies, Inc. in short: computer-aided design (CAD), roviding creative, cost effective solutions, high quality stainless steel work

Expo Technologies, Inc.

Expo applies its experience to deliver bespoke solutions to our customer’s needs – whether it’s supplying a standard product from our extensive range, or creating an innovative solution to a particular challenge. Using the latest computer-aided design (CAD) technology for our design work, Expo Technologies have over 60 staff focussed on providing creative, cost effective solutions for our customers. Expo Technologies have specialist assembly and test facilities, and our own in-house machining and fabrication workshop specialising in high quality stainless steel work. As the world leader in purge and pressurization techniques, we provide our customers with an unrivalled level of support for the delivery of solutions to the most complex of hazardous area applications in a wide range of global markets. All of our products are certified and approved to international standards throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Expo Technologies service our customers through our principal operations in the UK and the USA, and via a worldwide network of authorized distributors and representatives.

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We are located in Chagrin Falls, USA, America(North)


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