Exoko PCP, LLC

Exoko PCP, LLC in short: specializing in Composite PC pumps and motors

Exoko PCP, LLC

EXOKO is innovative energy industry equipment manufacturer using cutting edge technology. We provide space age solutions to save money and improve production and drilling by using the latest advances in composite technology in the manufacture of progressing cavity pumps (PCPs) and power sections (PDMs). EXOKO Composites Company is the exclusive licensee of this patented Composite Progressing Cavity technology. EXOKO’s engineering, sales and marketing office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. EXOKO’s advanced ‘New’ technology allows for dimensional tolerances which, to date have not been considered in the manufacture of conventional ‘Old’ progressing cavity pumps, as such tolerances were not practical to obtain and maintain. To achieve these tight tolerances in each pc pump element results in noticeable increases in performance over the ‘Old’ technology. EXOKO’s ability to replicate parts to these tight standards offers customers the same high performance from any rotor/stator combination. As an added bonus EXOKO offers our customers the best application knowledge and experience found anywhere in the industry. What a novel concept for the PrecisionWall™ PCP… Manufacture pc pumps using high quality standards and tight tolerances to yield increased performance that is both repeatable and affordable

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We are located in Tulsa, USA, America(North)


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