Escher Process Modules

Escher Process Modules in short: serve the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry worldwide as designer, fabricator, contractor

Escher Process Modules

Escher Holland BV was founded in 1925 and continues to serve the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry worldwide. Since then Escher has built a worldwide reputation as designer, fabricator, contractor and ‘on time’ supplier of quality equipment and services. Escher Holland BV modern production facility located at the waterfront, halfway between seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp offers a unique capability and unmatched industrial potential in fabrication and shipping. The process equipment & systems supplied are: Pressure vessels – Flare systems – Oil & Gas process plants.In 2003 Escher Holland BV became a member of the RijnDijk Groep.Waterfront facilities with direct unobstructed access to open Sea, Rotterdam and Antwerp export ports. The industrial infrastructure and capacity available ensures a competitive performance and offers unrivalled dimensional limits. The Escher “Ro-Ro” loadout facility offers direct unobstructed access to seaports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, the European inland waterways and open sea. Escher provides a single source (in-house) design, engineering and manufacturing service, covering the supply of costumer tailored process equipment, including engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, commissioning and start-up assistance. Escher supplies process equipment from project definition to commissioning and start-up assistance including multi-discipline projects.Escher services include: Engineering, process design, sizing, procurement, fabrication, testing, conservation, dressing, commissioning, load-out transport, shipping, start-up and site commissioning assistance, quality assurance, quality control, after-sales services. Escher actively follows developing requirements to improve implementation of procedures, equipment and techniques to meet the client requirements according the specification, within the timespan agreed and on a competitive basis. Quality is the keyword throughout the Escher activities. Escher continues to improve serving the international hydrocarbon processing industry on a quality basis. Continuous matching of top quality and on time performance, supported by ISO 9001 quality system, confirm Escher’s reputation. To meet international requirements, Escher obtained the ASME U-, U2-Stamp and HP 0.

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We are located in Schiedam, NETHERLANDS, Europe(North)

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