Dyna-Drill Technologies

Dyna-Drill Technologies in short: an ultra-modern plant, computerized engineering capabilities, coated bearings, corrosion and mechanical fatigue

Dyna-Drill Technologies

Dyna-Drill power sections, products of choice in the world’s oil fields for nearly a half century, have earned industry-wide recognition for long, reliable performance. In 1999, new leadership focused on this core competency to form Dyna-Drill Technologies, and the company relocated to a new 45,000 square foot facility in Houston, TX. Here, in an ultra-modern plant, computerized engineering capabilities merge seamlessly with sophisticated machining tools and quality-assurance technologies to produce the next generation of power sections and components. Among the specialized new products are Matrix 3™ coated bearings. These uniquely engineered coatings give superior resistance to wear, corrosion and mechanical fatigue. The coated bearings will be fabricated in an adjacent facility designed solely for their manufacture. With all resources focused on advancing drilling technology, Dyna-Drill’s culture precludes bureaucratic delays and multi-layered decision making.

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)


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