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DuPont Safety Resources in short: Global solution provider for workplace safety and operational excellence

DuPont Safety Resources

Your business can benefit from DuPont’s 200-year evolution to one of the world’s most diverse and innovative corporations. Our solutions aren’t just based on theoretical concepts drawn on blackboards or in computer models. Our methodology has been tested and refined by hands-on experience in solving real problems. It’s about people, processes and assets.With access to our talented people using our proven processes, your business can journey toward the kind of disciplined system and culture change that results in a step change in workplace safety. Our people have produced sustainable results for hundreds of clients, across diverse industries and geographies.Operational excellence. Maximized resources and asset effectiveness. A safer workplace and a stronger bottom line. DuPont is committed to helping your business realize each of these goals today, for a more productive tomorrow

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We are located in Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland, Europe(North)

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