Damalini AB in short: applications such as shaft alignment and bore and bearing journal alignment for propeller drive line installations, motors and pumps, diesel engines

Damalini AB

Damalini AB develops, manufactures and markets Easy-Laser® measurement and laser alignment systems. With more than twenty years of experience within the field of measurement and alignment we have solved almost every kind of measuring problem for the industry all over the world. Besides the standard product range we also develop customer adapted systems including complete systems, fixtures, and software. We also provide measurement service and alignment training. Every part of the products is developed in-house by our own mechanics, electronics and software engineers. In our own machine shop we manufacture customer adapted systems, prototypes and high precision parts. This means we have full control all the way from idea to product release. It also means short development times and optimized products, because even the slightest update can be implemented with ease. The finished product is tested and calibrated by our highly skilled technicians before shipping. Our in-house development and long industrial experience are your guarantee for products that are made to be easy to use and to perform the best at even the toughest conditions

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We are located in Mölndal, Sweden, Europe(North)


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