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Daisy Data Displays, Inc. in short: cost-effective production and process monitoring techniques

Daisy Data Displays, Inc.

cost-effective production and process monitoring techniques. Currently, we are introducing personal computer technology into our operations to handle a variety of applications. Daisy Data Displays, Inc. already use a networked, PC-based production database that records the number of poured wheels and their respective quality disposition. The database is linked to sixteen areas throughout the manufacturing process by fiber optic Ethernet, and is interfaced via Windows for WorkgroupsTM. Daisy Data Displays, Inc. also have several highly automated PC-based control systems that either control machining or analyze the quality of each railroad wheel produced. Each time we introduce a PC-based system into a new application on the factory floor, careful consideration must be given to the obstacles that can get in the way of this type of technology. One of the obvious obstacles that must be overcome is the dust that’s inescapable in a foundry environment. Dust can find its way into the PC and jeopardize the operation of device ports, hard drives, monitors, backplanes, and peripherals such as keyboards and mice. Factory floor real estate is a second obstacle. Daisy Data Displays, Inc. manufacturing plants simply do no offer enough room for standard PC enclosures offering an acceptable ergonomic design. A related third obstacle is the constant attention and visibility from various operator locations that certain of our machining operations require. Many standard PC enclosures don’t allow the operator to maintain full visibility of the system while performing the on-line program or parameter changes.

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