Clair by BP

The Clair field is located 47 miles west of Shetland in approximately 140 meters of water and was considered the largest undeveloped resource on the UK Continental Shelf (It covers an area of 220 square kilometers)until the late 1980’s. The Clair field covers five license blocks – 206/7a; 206/12; 206/8; 206/13a; and 206/9. The first phase of the Clair development involved the recovery of oil and gas from the central area of the field. The objective of the Phase 1 development was attained in early 2005 when first oil was achieved in February. BP, and its co-venturers, developed phase 1 of the Clair oil and gas field at a cost of around £650 million (pounds). BP with 28.6% of the share operates the field. Other partners include Chevron UK 19.4%, Conoco 24.0%, Enterprise Oil 18.7% and Amerada Hess 9.3%.

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