CKT Projects BV

CKT Projects BV in short: technical modules, special cargo containers, defence applications, heating, refrigeration and AC systems

CKT Projects BV

CKT Projects B.V. comprises of a dedicated group of professional engineers and technicians, operating on a worldwide scale involved in the design and fabrication of: Custom built modular packages, accommodations, laboratories, technical modules, etc. Fully integrated & stand-alone HVAC and refrigeration systems. Special cargo containers. For: Energy related projects (on- & offshore). Defense applications. Industrial applications Marine applications. Company Slogans: "A complete range of solutions to serve every industry" "Big enough to cope, small enough to care" "Global technology, local talent" "Let quality be the hero, keep errors/defects, incidents/accidents to zero"

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We are located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe(North)

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