Carltsoe Safety Tools ApS

Carltsoe Safety Tools ApS in short: designed non sparking, non magnetic or corrosion-resistant tools.

Carltsoe Safety Tools ApS

Carltsø Safety Tools was established in 1956, and is today situated south of Copenhagen, the Danish capital. In these modern facilities, Carltsø Safety Tools now specializes in development of precision casting and production of non sparking and non magnetic safety tools. Only a few companies throughout the world manufacture high Quality non sparking and non magnetic tools. Among them, Carltsø is one of the leading manufacturers. The Carltsø tools are used by several large companies of international standard, companies where "Safety is a must". Carltsø Safety Tools products are marketed worldwide (ref: Closest Contact), and are used where there is a risk of fire or explosion or where there is special demands for non sparking non magnetic or corrosion resistant tools. The Carltsø Safety Tools; being non sparking, non magnetic and corrosion resistant, gives you the choice in safety tools; when working in highly demanding environments.Carltsoe non sparking tools are an ideal choice for use in the hazardous environments of the offshore industry, such as natural-gas installations, oil tankers, gas works, oil drilling platforms, oil refineries, petrochemical plants and shipyards. They are also ideal for other fields that are also characterised by the need for safety tools, such as aircraft factories, ammunition factories, dye and varnish factories, etc. Only a few companies throughout the world manufacture non sparking safety tools, Carltsoe Safety Tools is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Carltsoe Safety Tools are used by several international companies for whom safe tools are a necessity. Quality and control are key words at Carltsoe. Every product is quality-checked and tested before leaving the factory. In this way, Carltsoe Safety Tools meet all the quality demands required for safety tools.

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We are located in Naestved, DENMARK, Europe(North)

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