Bilco Tools Inc

Bilco Tools Inc in short: the industry with a full line of CRA make-up and handling equipment

Bilco Tools Inc

downhole tools, tubulars

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We are located in Houma, USA, America(North)

Bilco Tools Inc Products

  • Dual Pressure Signature Tracer Products
    Dual Pressure Signature Tracer products from Bilco Tools Testing Primary Seal FailureDual Pressure Signature Tracer Bilco Tools Inc.’s new and improved ...

Bilco Tools Inc Vacancies

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    Top Oil and Gas Jobs in Houma

    • Seismic Engineer Jobs in Houma, USA
      Under minimal supervision receives little instruction on day-to-day work, general instructions on wellsite activities.
    • Rig Manager Jobs in Houma, USA
      The Rig Manager is responsible for coordinating the operational functions of the deepwater drillship, with special emphasis on the drilling operations, towards effective and efficient ...
    • 2nd Mate/DPO Jobs in Houma, USA
      The 2nd Mate/Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) operates and maintains the station-keeping system on the rig. Stands watch on rig moves.

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