Banff by ConocoPhillips

The reservoir lies between 4,500ft and 7,600ft, and consists of Palaeocene sands, underlying a steeply dipping and faulted Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) chalk formation, located around a salt diapir piercement. The field has reserves of about 60 million bbl of 38-39°API gravity oil and approximately 39 billion ft³ of gas. The oil will be produced at a rate of 60,000 bbl/day. The field life is approximately eight years. After the exploration well, two appraisal wells were drilled (29/2a-7 in October 1991 and 29/2a-10 in December 1993). Banff will be produced from two production wells (29/2a-B1 and 29/2a-B2), which were drilled and tested using the semisubmersible drilling rig, Glomar Arctic III, and tested at a cumulative rate of 17,735bopd and 7 million ft³/day of gas. Each of the wells encountered more than 3,000ft of hydrocarbon-bearing section, in the chalk reservoir.

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