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Aspentech Ltd in short: oil and gas facilities simulation, control optimisation, operator training, collaborative engineering and planning disciplines

Aspentech Ltd

Since 1981, process manufacturers have chosen AspenTech to help them transform the way they design and run their operations. This long history of working with our customers to understand their contemporary challenges and to develop solutions that meet them is based on AspenTech’s unparalleled combination of capabilities:An Exceptional Ability to Transform Process Modeling Expertise into Model-Based Decision Support TechnologySince our inception, AspenTech’s focus has been on applying process engineering know-how to modeling the manufacturing and supply chain processes that characterize the process industries. We are, in fact, the market leader in providing many of the software applications that the process industries depend on today ─ Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus™ for process simulation and optimization, Aspen DMCplus™ for advanced process control, Aspen PIMS™ for advanced planning & scheduling, and Aspen InfoPlus.21™ for plant information management, just to name a few. This core expertise has provided our customers with mission-critical solutions that enable them to make more profitable decisions in their operations. Our solutions are also an integral part of many of our customers’ operational excellence initiatives

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We are located in Reading, UK, Europe(North)

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