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Allegheny Ludlum in short: one of the largest speciality metal producers for corrsion-resistant stainless steel and nickel alloys in the world in the form of plate and strip

Allegheny Ludlum

The history of the company can be traced to 1854 and the Pompton Furnace in the ore fields of New Jersey which almost a century before had produced cannonballs for the Colonial forces and hand-forged chain links to block the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War. Stainless steel started as a 20th century material. Its invention is most often credited to Harry Bearly of Sheffield, England in 1912. Both Allegheny Steel of Pittsburgh and Ludlum Steel of Watervleit, New York led the commercialization of the new rustless metal in the United States. In 1938, they merged to form Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation. Since the early days of stainless steel, Allegheny Ludlum has pioneered the development of products and processes which are critical to today’s industry. The trademark, Allegheny Metal, was associated with the most widely used stainless steel of the day. In 1910, Ludlum Steel was the first to use electric furnaces in manufacturing alloy steels. In 1927, Allegheny Metal was chosen for New York’s Chrysler Building and the next year it was specified for the Empire State Building. In 1929, Ford began using Allegheny Metal for the bright trim parts of the Model A. Stainless steel flatware which had been used by hotels and restaurants since 1920, was introduced to American homes in 1931. Stainless steel sinks became popular in the mid-30s. During World War II, the use of stainless steel grew in support of the military. Strategic acquisitions were made to help keep up with the demands of growing markets. Wallingford Steel of Connecticut, a leader in strip metals for the cutlery industry, was purchased in 1935 and West Leechburg Steel Company of Pennsylvania, a leading strip producer, was bought in 1936. In 1971, the New Castle, Indiana stainless steel sheet plant was purchased. In 1984, we bought the Lockport, New York high technology alloy melt shop, and in 1988, we acquired the Vandergrift, Pennsylvania stainless steel plant. In 1994, we purchased Jessop Steel in Washington, Pennsylvania, a premier producer of specialty steel and tool steel plate whose history dates back to the very beginning of stainless steel in Sheffield, England. In 1996, we combined with Teledyne, Inc. and became part of the Allegheny Teledyne specialty metal companies. In 1998, we completed an asset sale and long-term conversion agreement with Bethlehem Steel Corporation . In 1999, we acquired the assets of Lukens’ Washington Steel Division from Bethlehem Steel Corporation. By the end of 1999, Allegheny Teledyne changed its name to Allegheny Technologies Incorporated and Allegheny Technologies Incorporated was one of the leading specialty material companies in the world — consisting of Allegheny Ludlum, Allvac, Wah Chang, Oremet, Rome Metals, Metalworking Products, Casting Service, and Portland Forge. In 2004, Jewel Acquisition, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allegheny Ludlum, acquired most of the assets of J&L Specialty Steel, LLC, which include the melt facility in Midland, PA and the finishing facility in Louisville, OH. Allegheny Ludlum has grown and prospered becoming one of the world’s leading specialty steel companies. Allegheny Ludlum has one business — specialty materials. We’ve maintained a strong history of product quality, customer service, innovative processing technology, and financial stability. Through our ongoing commitment to technology, research and development, Allegheny Ludlum is preparing to meet exciting challenges of the future

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