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Aquatic Company

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specialists in the fields of design engineering, analysis, and a variety of research and development efforts

Sevan Marine

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specializing in building, owning and operating floating units for offshore applications

Rapp Bomek AS

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Leading manufacturer of fire and explosion proof doors

Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms by V

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A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - R - S - T - U - V - W - X VDU  Vacuum Distillation Unit, used in processing bitumenVIR  Value Investment RatioVAT Value-added taxVRU Vapor…

Heavy Weight Products

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Heavy Weight products from Grant Prideco Provide Optimum Performance Heavy Weight Grant Prideco developed Tri-Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe for applications where standard heavy weight drill pipe can fail—extended reach or horizontal drilling. More Grant Prideco Products More Heavy Weight Products from Other Companies Top Heavy Weight Companies Jobs related to Heavy Weight products


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nigerian oil gas exploration and production activities

Gardner Denver, Inc

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global producer of blowers, air compressors, petroleum pumps, water jetting pumps and accessories, and fluid transfer equipment, and liquid ring pumps.

Ultima Labs, Inc

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provide full service design and manufacturing services to the oilfield service industry.

Hoover Diana by ExxonMobil

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In late 90's ExxonMobil announced startup of oil/gas production from the Hoover Diana development in the Gulf of Mexico. The fields are located 200 mi south of Houston, in 4,800-ft water.

Crane Technical Superintendent Jobs in Aberdeen, Scotland

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Reporting to the Construction Assets Technical Support Manager, the Crane Technical Superintendent will be responsible for providing crane engineering expertise across the Acergy Fleet.

Subsea Project Director Jobs in Lagos, Nigeria

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You will provide direction to the Project team for this major Subsea EPC project, having the responsibility for the contractual and financial delivery of the project.

Ecoak And Ecodak Products

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Ecoak And Ecodak products from Cs Unitec Powerful Reversible Motor For Drilling And Tapping Ecoak And Ecodak Multiple speeds match cutter dia. to correct RPM to provide increased tool life and reduced cutter breakage More Cs Unitec Products More Portable Magnetic Drills Products from Other Companies Top Portable Magnetic Drills Companies Jobs related to Portable…

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Aberdeen Scotland

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Aberdeen is often, together with Stavanger, referred to as the oil and gas capital of Europe because it is the center of most of the oil sector in the UK sector and the petroleum industry with all the companies involved is the backbone of the local economy. A number of Norwegian companies in the oil…