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Directional Drilling

[…]you earn? The directional drilling jobs salary and how much you will actually earn in an offshore job depends on which drilling school or course you took, the position on the drill floor and which company you are employed in, but a starting salary or pay of $25k – $35k a year, plus supplements, is considered normal. […]

Underwater Welding

[…]to ships and port facilities, or carrying out welding work related to extensions and repairs of offshore pipelines, subsea structures, oil deepwater facilities for petroleum extraction. The material is usually steel, alloy and unalloyed, and three techniques which is very different from dry welding, can be distinguished: wet welding, trunk welding and hyperbaric welding or […]

Feature Jobs and Careers

Below is a list of jobs and careers listings or articles that have a more in-depth description and information: Underwater Welding Underwater welding, a term for methods adapted for subsea welding, for the purpose of repairing damage to ships and port facilities, or carrying out welding work related to extensions and repairs of offshore oil […]

Oil Rig Jobs

[…]or education. This is a typical of the entrance professions for work offshore on a fix offshore installation or floating drilling rig. The deck worker works with practical tasks on the drilling deck in the actual drilling operation. Career Path It is possible to work your way up to and including the tower man when you have a trade […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]years of experience can be as high as $125k annual salary. Top Oil and Gas Job Careers Paths for Engineering Graduates The petroleum engineering careers are mostly higher technical positions in fields as subsea design and analysis, drilling and completion, oil explorations, production and reservoir. The more you can narrow it down and becoming an […]

Electrical Engineering Jobs

[…]Paths for Engineering Graduates As an electrician you have a good basis for a career within offshore electrical engineering. The minimum for everyone who will work offshore on a drilling rig is that they must have an approved health certificate, as well as safety course. Most offshore positions also require that you have good knowledge […]

Materials Engineering Jobs

[…]efficient use of our national energy resources. Entry Level Engineering Jobs Entry level materials engineering jobs are ordinary engineering positions with limited responsibilities which does not require to much experience. You will work together with more experienced engineers and learn as you go. The following companies may be hiring now: Materials Engineering Jobs Salary The […]

Perth, Australia

[…]Gas Industry Many of the world’s largest oil and gas exploration, production and offshore services companies have representation in Perth, Australia to position themselves for oil and gas and subsea opportunities offshore the coast of Australia. Petroleum refineries, steelworks, consumer and food industries. The city is known to be the energy and oil and gas capital city of Australia and many service […]

Luanda, Angola

[…]economy both before, but especially after the conclusion of the peace. From oil production started offshore, oil production was relatively stable, mostly in shallow water off the coast of Cabinda. Top 10 Oil and Gas Luanda Jobs Below is the list of top 10 job descriptions that are related to the subsea oil and gas category. Click the link to find […]