Dk Tech Corp.

Dk Tech Corp. heartily welcome your visit to Dk Tech Website and are greatly delighted to meet you and have an opportunity of introducing our company through Internet. Most of the Dk Tech information is presented here, and we sincerely hope you will find it useful and informative to understand Dk Tech. Though we have run Dk Tech since its foundation in 1986, it is you, our customer that constantly keep us informed of better & unique ideas about our product, quality and new application. Dk Tech Corp welcome your comments and suggestions which have been encouraging us to manufacture much more than reliable products with a wide range from analytical and process instrumentation, gas, power generation, petrochemical processing, shipbuilding to semiconductor manufacturing. Dk Tech Corp would like to take this opportunity to say thanks especially to Shell, ExxonMobil and Petronas who recognized DK as a reliable Instrumentation Fittings & Valves manufacturer and enrolled us on their official vendor list. Dk Tech Corp will continue to develop our service, products and business practice leading to improvement of users’ performance and return on investment. Finally, Dk Tech Corp hope Dk Tech Corp can share the glory with you to become a leading company worldwide in industrial fluid system in the near future.

Gas Services International

Gas Services International will undertake complete engineering and supply within battery limits of any process equipment plant. Gas Services International is includes conceptual engineering combining both process and compression, which is the trademark of our application engineering division. Gas Services International offer technical detailing with process performance and manufacturing mechanical expertise. GSi will be responsible for: Project management, Front end design and process development, Detailed design and engineering, Sourcing and procurement, Supply of manufactured and fabricated equipment , Assembly and testing, Erection supervision and commissioning, Start-up assistance and operator training