ODIM Brooke Ocean

DIM BROOKE OCEAN, an ODIM company, provides hardware, systems engineering and R&D services to the marine science, naval and oil & gas sectors. Our specialty is the development of equipment and systems to operate in harsh marine environments. ODIM BROOKE OCEAN has been involved with the design and development of marine and oceanographic equipment for over 20 years and has a track record as a company that can solve problems with simple, yet innovative designs. We have exported hardware to clients around the world, including the U.S., Australia, Taiwan, U.K., China, Japan, Korea and Norway.

Forgiatura Marcora

Created in 1952 by Giancarlo Marcora, the Forgiatura MARCORA is currently directed and administered by his sons Roberto and Enrico and from his nephew Michael Marcora. The Forgiatura MARCORA is a forging company that produces pieces in steel to the carbon, alloy, stainless and super-leagues,rough-machined, treated and tested with an unitary maximum weight of 7.000 Kgs. and a length of 8 mt. The number of the employees is of 50 people to which agents and speculators are added in Italy and to the foreign countries. In the years it has increased the productive capability with more and more new and modern machineries reaching so aa annual production of around 5.000 Ton. of steel. From many years all the testings and tests are internally made to the presence of the National and International various Corporate body of inspection and from 1998 we have reached the institution of the "System of Quality"according to the norm EN ISO 9002. From the 4th of December 2001 we have reached the new ISO 9001 Vision 2000.