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Intense Cold Expert Jobs in Paris, France

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: September 29, 2019

Under the Authority of the Design & Development Director you will operate in both proposal and operations phases for a project.

Cold Cutting Machine Products

Relevance: 24%      Posted on: March 28, 2019

Cold Cutting Machine products from Mathey Dearman Higher Tensile Strength Pipes Cold Cutting Machine The rugged and powerful CGM-1 Pipe Cold Cutting and Bevel Machine cuts and bevels pipes or shells ranging from 6 to 72 inches (152 – 1826mm) in diameter with a wall thickness of 1⁄4” to 1” (6 – 25mm). More Mathey…

Hempels Hivee Products

Relevance: 4%      Posted on: March 12, 2019

Hempels Hivee products from Hempel Acrylic Paint With Fluorescent Pigments Hempels Hivee HEMPEL'S HI-VEE 56540 is a non-hiding, but strongly day-light reflecting acrylic paint with fluorescent pigments which give intense colour impression and high visibility (HI-VEE). More Hempel Products More Marine Products Products from Other Companies Top Marine Products Companies Jobs related to Marine Products…

AJT Engineering

Relevance: 3%      Posted on: April 19, 2019

extensive conventional and CNC machining capability, welding, including specialised automated cladding, fabrication, mechanical fitting

Zapp Precision Wire Inc.

Relevance: 3%      Posted on: May 30, 2019

leading suppliers of cold formed stainless steel and titanium wires, bars and profiles

Blue Water Shipping A/S

Relevance: 3%      Posted on: October 10, 2019

is an international shipping, transport and freight forwarding company with head office in Esbjerg

Pipeline Engineer Jobs in Houston, USA

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: May 17, 2019

This position is targeting a fully developed Pipeline Integrity Engineer with world class pipeline integrity management (PIMS) experience

Subsurface Engineer Jobs in Munich, Germany

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: July 9, 2019

We currently have opportunities on behalf of Exxon Deutshcland for experienced Subsurface Engineers with Hydraulic Fracturing or Well Completions experience

Promoor Limited

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: November 4, 2019

offer expert impartial advice on mooring related issues covering all offshore and marine industry sectors

VWS Westgarth Ltd

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: October 30, 2019

expert in the supply of water treatment process plant.

Barco NV

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: January 21, 2019

The worldwide expert in collaborative display systems for the oil and gas industry.

Golder Associates

Relevance: 1%      Posted on: April 4, 2019

Offices throughout the pan-Arctic region, with extensive experience in cold region engineering, environmental and socio-economic services