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List of Oil and Gas Companies in London, UK

[…]London. London as Capital and Region Although London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, in many contexts the city is treated as a separate region. The size of the city and its international character means that in many contexts it is perceived as a separate regional unit, which has more in common […]

Natural Gas Companies

[…]by using the subsea oil and gas directory and search engine, but first some basic fact you may find interesting. Natural gas consists of mixtures of low molecular weight hydrocarbons, where methane, which is the lightest of the hydrocarbon gases, usually makes up about 85 percent. Ethane makes up 5-10 percent. Otherwise, propane, normal and […]

Oil Companies

[…]early 1970s, these companies controlled 80 percent of all crude oil production, 70 percent of refining capacity and more than half of the world’s tank tonnage. Where are the Oil Companies located? Many of the crude oil companies are located in the major oil and gas cities and oil and natural gas capitols such as Stavanger, Norway, Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas, […]

Oil Rig Jobs

[…]and work, but most often the offshore workers are out on deck. There they can do everything from rinsing with a high pressure washer to doing equipment inspections. Also, there are rig tasks as carry out maintenance, pressure testing and routine checks. Ensuring that the submerged structure have sufficient subsea corrosion protection is also part […]

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

[…]Houston, USA and Perth, Australia. If you like to travel there are also many great opportunities in Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “petroleum engineering jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country, town, city or part of the world […]

Electrical Engineering Jobs

[…]and equipment on the rig from failing. You do this by testing, developing, operating, maintaining and repairing electronic systems and equipment. The electronics you work with can be connected to everything from communication and navigation equipment to control systems for drilling and more. There are jobs for electricians on both ships and platforms. Typical work […]

Materials Engineering Jobs

[…]UK, Houston, USA and Perth, Australia. If you like to travel there are also many materials jobs in Singapore, Luanda, Angola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Rio, Brazil. To find “materials engineering jobs near me” you can use the search field at the right side on this web site and enter your country, town, city or part of the world […]

Consultancy Jobs

[…]services for other companies. The consultancy job includes giving advice and solve problems within your line of work. This could basically be anything from recruitment, IT, management, business, travel and HR. The consultant or adviser is an expert person whose task it is to give advice in his field. Consultant is also used as a […]

Construction Jobs

[…]firm or company, or in a special plumber, building construction, electrician of in construction engineering and management.  The construction job includes preparing the site, ensuring that there is correct materials and tools available. Entry Level Work There are several careers paths in the construction business, both in the private sector and in the public sector. The […]

Aberdeen, Scotland

[…]the full list of job descriptions that are related to the subsea oil and gas category. Click the link to find all jobs and available positions under each job description: Other List of Jobs by City in United Kingdom (UK): Top 5 Aberdeen Companies Below is the list of top 5 companies related to the subsea oil and gas […]


[…]sales support. Rovotics specialise in creating cutting edge, highly dependable ROVs and components including Junction Boxes, Subsea Housings, CP Equipment and GNSS receivers. Visit our website for our full range of products and services that we can provide: ROVs for Underwater Inspections and Surveys Our state-of-the-art robust ROV systems and advanced software maximise efficiency and […]

List of Countries

[…]city in the Subsea.Org Databases: Companies in Scotland Jobs in Scotland Subsea Companies in Aberdeen Companies in Aberdeen Jobs in Aberdeen Lean more about Aberdeen List of Oil and Gas Jobs in Aberdeen, Scotland List of Oil and Gas Companies in Aberdeen, Scotland More List of Oil and Gas Countries Subsea Companies in United Kingdom […]

High Pressure Equipment Company

[…]Pressure Equipment Company is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2004. Since our founding in 1954, we’ve been singularly focused on providing quality components and systems for elevated pressure applications. High Pressure Equipment Company have been shipped over two million high pressure valves and fittings to our loyal customers. High Pressure Equipment Company has […]

FUGRO Survey Ltd

[…]the Company provides advice, generally for purposes related to the oil and gas industry, the mining industry and the construction industry. Focussing on providing solutions to its client’s requirements, the group was created by the merger of Fugro and McClelland groups of companies. Fugro operates on a world-wide scale and now incorporates the businesses of […]


[…]check valve, non-return valve, vanne a opercule,energie, petrochimie, garniture de niveau, robinetterie incendie, vanne de transformateur, trafo oil valve, gate valve, marine, corrosion, bronze, Visit our web site for vacancies, jobs and Autexier careers! We are located in Chauny, FRANCE, Europe(South) Autexier Products Autexier Vacancies Top Oil and Gas Jobs in FRANCE Top Oil […]