Flowguard USA

Flowguard USA, the US master representative for Flowguard Ltd., offers the broadest line of product of its type in the world today. A U.K. manufacturer, Flowguard Limited is a division of the Hydril Company. Flowguard company was certified to ISO 9001, as well as the German TUV and the ASME "U" and "UM" code stamping.Flowguard type is accepted line of pressurized vessels is available in such a wide variety of designs and sizes as to be able to solve most any hydraulically induced pulsation, vibration, or rapid surge problem.Flowguard standard product offerings consist of models that feature elastomeric bladders, floating pistons, Teflon diaphragms, Teflon bellows and proprietary metal bellows designs. Specialized, custom designed units are also commonplace for Flowguard.