Eide Marine Services AS

The purpose of Eide Marine Services AS is to own and operate vessels of different types, barges, tugs and floating cranes. The company is also engaged in sale and purchase of various vessels. Eide Marine Services AS also participates in other companies in Norway and foreign countries. Eide Marine Services AS provides base services for heavy offshore materials including a complete service of heavy lifts, outside storage area, inhouse storage area, service workshops, office facilities and transport coordination. Eide Marine Services AS main office and base is located in Høylandsbygd on the island Halsnøy on the west- coast of Norway.

Heila Marine Cranes

HEILA Marine Cranes offer a top level of servicing of equipment specifying, technical support, and state of the are engineering and workshops with indoor test facilities up to 1500 t/m. HEILA Marine Cranes are designed according a modular approach to make and change all types or models in the crane ranges based on customers needs. This permit quick responses to the market needs, reduction on parts in stock and a constant top quality level of the products. The design of HEILA Marine Cranes has been developed considering the stresses, the load conditions and the environment of the marine operations. Particular attention has also got the transport dimensions of the cranes to minimize the transport costs. HEILA Marine Cranes can work also with high angles of inclination up to 15°. The heel and trim angles indicated in the catalogue are intended to be the static angles at which the crane can rotate and simultaneously hoisting and dynamically handling 100% capacity. Different operating conditions according to customers’ wishes may be quickly verified.