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Somas Instrument AB in short: manufacturer of high-performance valves for process industries and offshore

Somas Instrument AB

SOMAS Instrument AB is situated in Säffle, Sweden, nearby road 45 and about 60 km south of Karlstad. There are several paper mills in the area, e.g. Nordic Paper in Säffle, Billerud Gruvön in Grums and Stora Paperboard in Skoghall. SOMAS develops, manufactures and markets control- and on/off valves made of stainless, acid-proof steel. Additionally pneumatic actuators and positioners are found in the SOMAS product range. During the past 50 years the pulp and paper industry has been the main purchaser of our products. Today our valves are also used in the chemical and power industries, and in offshore and pharmaceutical applications as well as for product and chemical tankers. SOMAS’ products are sold all over the world.

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We are located in Säffle, Sweden, Europe(North)

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