SBM Offshore N.V.

SBM Offshore N.V. in short: Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems, dynamically positioned drilling vessels, jack-up drilling rigs and heavy offshore cranes.

SBM Offshore N.V.

SBM Offshore N.V., formerly IHC Caland N.V., is the management holding company of a group of international companies, working as suppliers to the offshore oil and gas industry on a global basis. SBM Offshore company has been listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 1965 and is since March 2003 included in the AEX index. The Group started its offshore activities in the early 1950’s and subsequently became a pioneer in Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems, dynamically positioned drilling vessels, jack-up drilling rigs and heavy offshore cranes. SBM Offshore’s present activities include the engineering, supply and offshore installation of SPM systems for offshore loading and unloading of tankers or the permanent mooring of offshore oil production and/or storage vessels, as well as the turnkey supply of complete floating facilities for the production, storage and export of crude oil and gas. The latter comprise Floating Production Storage and Offloading systems (FPSOs), Floating Storage and Offloading systems (FSOs), Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs), Floating Production Units (FPUs) of all types including both monohull and semi-submersible, as well as self elevating, Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPUs). In addition to the supply of systems on a turnkey basis the Group is also in the business of owning and operating the above mentioned Floating Production and/or Storage and Offloading systems. These units are contracted on long-term charters, always including their operation, to oil companies in various parts of the world. At the end of 2004 the Group had fourteen units in operation, and a further four under construction to enter service in the following years. Besides being the initiator of this concept, the Group is also the largest player. Design and engineering services to the offshore oil and gas industry in a wide range of products is provided through the Group’s engineering offices. In most of these activities, the Group companies are the market leaders, both in terms of market share and technical expertise. SBM Offshore has a good track record in developing new, cost-effective technical solutions for the ever changing needs of its customers, and holds a considerable number of patents related to its technology. The above mentioned products are developed by the individual Group companies and are marketed under their own identity. Within an agreed financial and strategic framework, SBM Offshore Group companies have considerable operational and entrepreneurial freedom. Cohesion is created in that they all have potential to support each other using one or more of their individual core competencies. SBM Offshore Group can appropriately be characterised as a niche player in its chosen fields of business.

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