RTD Group in short: independent international company specialized in non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspections

RTD Group

The RTD Group is an independent international company specialized in non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspections, both standard and tailor-made. The RTD Group provides a wide scale of NDT services and inspections stretching from specialized pipeline testing, on-stream monitoring and scanning, detail inspection to data management. In addition, RTD offers a number of specialized services in the area of probe production, radiation hygiene, and training. Properly trained employees, an extensive knowledge and technology base, the best inspection and non-destructive testing techniques and clear reporting form the basis of the services offered. RTD also stimulates knowledge sharing and cooperation so that every client benefits optimally from the internal experience. RTD’s NDT and inspection services provide clients with a wealth of information based on knowledge of the clients’ installations, extensive experience of the risks associated with technical installations, testing and inspection techniques, and testing and inspection methods. On the basis thereof clients can make cost-effective decisions with regard to the maintenance or new construction of installations. RTD is an independent service provider. This means that RTD does carry out inspections and testing, but leaves the certification to other organizations. The RTD Group has in excess of 1,100 employees.

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We are located in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS, Europe(North)


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